Sierra leone whatsapp groups link

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Sierra leone whatsapp groups link

Independent, owned and edited by Kelvin Lewis.

sierra leone whatsapp groups link

Awoko was previously online from to The current website has been online since January Sierra Leone Broadcasting Corporation Facebook. Radio Democracy is also streamed over Facebook. The website is based in the United States, but also has a street edition in Freetown.

sierra leone whatsapp groups link

Online since November Independent newspaper in Freetown. The newspaper has lost its internet domain name and is now using Facebook.

sierra leone whatsapp groups link

Online newspaper owned and operated by Rev. Online since August Publishes African news from various sources, and provides links to popular audio programmes, such as Focus on Africa. Based in the United States.

Publishes versions of articles from Freetown's Concord Times and more. Noovell news compiler. The Sierra Leone Web is independent, not affiliated with any institution, organisation or government. Radio Democracy Concord Times Independent newspaper in Freetown. Politico Independent newspaper.

The Sierra Leone Web

Standard Times Independent, edited by Philip Neville. Online since May Global Times Online Independent newspaper in Freetown. The Patriotic Vanguard Website based in Canada.

Published by Gibril Gbanabome Koroma. Online since July The Organiser Based in the United Kingdom. Edited by Abu Bakar Shaw. Noovell news compiler Links to news articles from Awoko, Concord Times and others. Awoko Independent, owned and edited by Kelvin Lewis. Cocorioko Online newspaper owned and operated by Rev.We have divided this post into different categories of groups.

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Sierra Leone - whatsapp group link

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Abuja whatsapp group link; join abj whatsapp group, girls numbers boys contact Victoria prostitute number, British Columbia girls red light zones etc.

Chestermere sugar momma number; alberta sugar mummy whatsapp contact.The internet has put Sierra Leone abreast with contemporary global trends but it has also offered dangerous opportunities to mischief makers especially in the use of a digital application called WhatsApp.

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It also offers an opportunity for groups to link up with each other, exchange information, share ideas and do many other things. Many people have become victims of the mischievous use of this app and do not have a means of seeking redress.

In any civilized and peace-loving society, if any individual or group of people has any grievance, there are legitimate channels to put them across. But in a country like Sierra Leone where foul is fair and fair is foul, people use illegitimate means to pursue a legitimate cause or an unjust means to pursue a just cause and yet still it becomes the accepted norm.

If anyone has been living in Sierra Leone and has been watching trends over the recent decades, he would have discovered that many people have been subjected to misery, frustration and face a bleak future just because they belong to a certain ethnic group. This is horrible and dangerous. We have forgotten that Sierra Leone experienced a cataclysmic scenario that spanned a period of eleven years and subjected people to horrendous experiences.

And as the country was trying to rise out of the ashes of war, a strange pandemic called Ebola grabbed the nation.

This blatant exhibition of impunity makes me shudder. Surprisingly this belligerence and malevolence that is now characteristic of our society has brought people into strange groups. You will be surprised to see a bunch of very tall people coming together to fight a clandestine war with those of average height and Third Class degree holders fighting those with better degrees calling them fraudsters while those belonging to a certain ethnic group come together to fight others who belong to another ethnic group.

Again those who previously entered a profession come together to fight incoming ones. The organic solidarity manifested by such groups create mischief, malevolence and cantankerous dispositions that do not augur well for a harmonious existence.

While some mischievous people continue to exhibit such impunity, let them remember what Olaudah Equiano, the Nigerian writer once said:" When you make men slaves you compel them to live with you in a state of war. Let us not also forget the words of Shakespeare; "When these prodigious things do happen, let not men say they are natural. For I believe they are portentous upon the things that they do point upon. World News 23 hours ago views. By Mustapha S. Wai, Virginia, United States of America.

World News 1 week ago views. The founder of No Dogs Left Behind, Jeffrey Beri, originally visited China for business and first noticed the stray dog crisis and population issue due to World News 2 weeks ago views. Literary Zone Short story: An encounter from the past 13 April views. Literary Zone Short story: An egocentric politician dies abandoned, unloved 16 March views. Literary Zone Poetry: Am I?Post a Comment.

Thursday, 5 April Sierra Leone - whatsapp group link. People from different countries can easily get the access by finding their interest from the list of group invites. This website provides them with an easy user-friendly interface. You can also contact the website developer for any question or suggestions. We ensure all of our membe with the working links of group invites with the specific region that is being mentioned. Sierra Leone Whatsapp group.

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Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom. Follow Us. Like Our Facebook Page. Powered by Blogger. Google Translate. Trending Now. Your Sugar mummy Whatsapp Group Link.

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Education is life, without education life like a wilderness.

sierra leone whatsapp groups link

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Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Skip to content Sierra-Leone whatsapp group links Sierra-Leone whatsapp group links join these Sierra-Leone whatsapp groups through their invite links and become a member to chat and contribute useful and interesting information on or in the groups.

After joining Sierra-Leone whatsapp group links you will meet people who share your same interests. Like this: Like Loading Seychelles whatsapp group links. Singapore whatsapp group links.

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